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When I am experiencing challenge and chaos and looking for Guidance  as to what to ‘do’ about it, I’ve learned it is so helpful when I remember to go to Peace First.

I know, I know,  I can hear you saying “Yeah right!!, How’ do I do that?    Especially when my world appears FAR from peaceful!”

To begin with you need to be willing to go against the ‘norm’.

In A Course in Miracles Lesson 33 the idea is:

There is another way of looking at the world.  – Today’s idea is an attempt to recognize that you can shift your perception of the world in both it’s outer and inner aspects.

And in the next Lesson 34:

I could see peace instead of this. – The idea for today begins to describe the conditions that prevail in the other way of seeing.  Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter.  It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward.  It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arise.


I’ve noticed it’s become the ‘norm’  to  think we need to fix or change the conditions and circumstances first in order for us to feel any semblance of the Peace we desire.

We’ve all been there in some form….

You’ll clean the house, clear the clutter, rearrange the furniture end a relationship, stop spending time with ‘toxic people’, quit drinking and eating food that you’ve heard is ‘bad’ for you, start exercising, yoga, read a spiritual self help book,   etc. etc. etc.

And you find that it works….for a while.

That clean room feels so nice to be in.  You are happy to be free of that person who had a knack for ticking you off and pushing your buttons.     You feel good about your new healthy eating and exercise (when you do it.)   Life is generally GOOD.

Then you realize one day you wake up and the clutter mysteriously has come back, you are feeling overwhelmed AGAIN, the list of things to do keeps growing,  you still have moments you are impatient, angry, guilty, defeated….far from Peaceful .

You cry out “Stop the world I want to get off!”

I know…I hear you…I’ve been there.  (Still go there on occasion but don’t stay there long anymore.)  

I’ve found that’s EXACTLY what’s needed….to STOP and return to Peace.

In case you’ve forgotten here’s a reminder  –

Your natural state is Peace.    Your true Identity behind all you think you are is LOVE.  You are Holy, Perfect, Loving and Lovable.   

What I’ve found happens when I stop, quiet my mind and allow myself to return to the awareness of Peace and my true Self;  is that the circumstances, people and the physical world transforms.

You might still clean your house, do Yoga, eat well, go to the gym, end a relationship (or begin a new one), quit drinking so much, or not….

But you won’t be doing or not doing any of these things to have peace.    You will do what you are guided and inspired to do because you are Peace, and the act of going there helps you remember your true Self.   

From the awareness of PEACE, all you do you do with Joy and Love – in a state of Peace.

I invite you to simply experiment with this idea.

I’ve gained a deeper understanding, Love and appreciation for myself and others in this state of Peace.   Life and time together with ‘others’  is so much fun and playful!  I find that I laugh more too, and I love to laugh!    I feel at ONE with everyone and everything.  Ideas and Guidance pops in more easily.

You occasionally might find yourself back in that chaotic “un-peaceful” place, but it’s ok.   There’s nothing wrong.  It’s all perfect as it is.

There may be times when feeling Peace is uncomfortable.  It’s just because you’ve temporarily forgotten how safe it is.    Be honest and gentle with yourself.

You can choose to return to Peace anytime you want, as you are ready.

I’ve shared an excerpt from the Peace First handout from Pathways of Light courses to further support you.

And if you have questions or a would like support from me leave a comment below.

Your questions and insights are helpful to us all as we awaken together.


 PEACE FIRST  (from Pathways of Light)

In all your thinking and doing in the world, there is nothing more important than peace.

If you notice that you are not feeling peaceful, you have the right to say:  “Stop the world, I want to get off.”

You never need to go on with tension leading the way.

You always can stop, no matter what is happening, and allow yourself to return to peace.

Peace transforms all thoughts and activities.  When the feeling of peace has returned, you put Inner Wisdom in charge instead of following ego’s direction.

The peace of your true Self creates miracles every day and every moment.

Continuing the tension and fear of the world is not helpful.  A willingness to lay it down is the only way out of pain and suffering and limitation of any kind.

Let peace be your guide.       Let peace come first.

An opening to peace leaves the door open to hear the guidance of your Higher Self.  Once that door is open, the knowing is clear, the direction is clear and the pathway is simple, unclouded by ego’s decoys which divert us from the truth.

Laying down tension and replacing it with peace is always a valid agenda.  It paves the way for hearing the Voice of Inner Wisdom again.

Nothing needs come before peace.     Nothing is more important than peace.

Peace prepares you to receive the wisdom of your real Self.

Peace is your greatest ally, the greatest gift in your life.

Peace paves the way for the true knowing of Spirit’s plan for you.

So let peace come first as a facilitator of your life, your awakening, your return Home.

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