About Rev. Cathy

As a professional coach since 2001, Relationship Enhancement Counselor, Certified Discover Your Sacred Gifts Guide, and A Course in Miracles Facilitator and student, Rev. Cathy Silva has served people from various walks of life and all around the united states and internationally.

Welcome In…

With her powerfully loving, insightful and honest style of coaching and spiritual counseling she will inspire and guide you to greater heights in your relationships, career and path of awakening to the truth of who and what you are.

Cathy’s Gifts of Encouragement, Facilitation and Wise Insight especially, equip her to help anyone who has even a little willingness to grow and transform.

“Through my work and life I came to realize we all share the same basic desire for Peace and Happiness; but there seems to be much happening in our world that can create blocks to achieving that. We are hearing a collective wake up call and searching for a better way.”

Rev. Cathy is ordained and certified with Pathways of Light and facilitates Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, ACIM based courses and Relationship Enhancement Counseling.

She is one of just a few Discover Your Sacred Gifts Certified Guides worldwide, and an experienced and masterful coach.

Her emphasis is always in meeting you where you are to help you find the way that works best for you in hearing your own Inner Wisdom; to find the answers that are right for you.

Cathy has a natural way of creating a safe, open and comfortable space for you to explore and share.

She is also available for your customized weddings ceremonies, memorial services, and other ceremonies of life transition.

You can send an email to RevCathySilva@gmail.com and request to connect with her by phone or use the contact form below.  

Rev. Cathy Silva, Ordained Ministerial Counselor offers the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

  • ACIM based Correspondence Courses
  • Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling
  • Relationship Enhancement Counseling
  • Customized, Nondenominational Weddings
  • Baptism and Spiritual Dedication Ceremonies
  • Memorial and Other Ceremonies of Life Transition
  • Spiritual Awakening 8-Week Group
  • Healing Inner Child 8-Week Group

To enquire about working together complete the form below.

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