About Rev. Cathy

RevCathyphoto1I am an A Course in Miracles student, Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor, Group and Course Facilitator, Author and Speaker.

It’s such a joy for me to share a message of Unconditional Love with my brothers and sisters around the world!

As a professional coach since 2001 and a Certified Discover Your Sacred Gifts Guide I have worked with people from various walks of life to align with their True Self and innate abilities and achieve their goals for more meaningful work, better relationships, and career success. I especially enjoy working with people who find themselves at a crossroads and looking for a new direction.

Through my work and life I came to realize we all share the same basic desire for Peace and Happiness; but there seems to be much happening in our world that can create blocks to achieving that. We are hearing a collective wake up call and searching for a better way. I practice daily following the guidance of Inner Wisdom, developing trust and loving others and myself unconditionally. With the help of Holy Spirit I have experienced growth, from life’s challenges and loss.

TeachOnlyLoveI dedicate my life for joining with people around the world as we remember our true Identity in God as that Peace, Love and Happiness we seek.

What is a miracle but this remembering? And who is there in whom this memory lies not? The light in one awakens it in all. And when you see it in your brother, you are remembering for everyone. ACIM – The Forgotten Song.

As a Pathways of Light Minister I facilitate Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling and Courses to help you awaken spiritually.

My emphasis is always in meeting you where you are to help you find the way that works best for you in hearing your own Inner Wisdom; to find the answers that are right for you.

I am committed to creating a safe, open and comfortable space for you to explore and share.

I am also available for your customized weddings ceremonies, relationship enhancement counseling, memorial services, and other ceremonies of life transition.

You can send an email to RevCathySilva@gmail.com and request to connect with me by phone or Skype or submit or use the contact form below.  There is no charge for this initial conversation.  

I offer the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister:

  • Correspondence Courses
  • Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling
  • Relationship Enhancement Counseling
  • Customized, Nondenominational Weddings
  • Gay and Lesbian Union Ceremonies
  • Baptism and Spiritual Dedication Ceremonies
  • Memorial and Other Ceremonies of Life Transition
  • Spiritual Awakening 8-Week Group
  • Healing Inner Child 8-Week Group