Spiritual Awakening Program

Pathways of Light Spiritual Awakening 8-Week Group


The purpose of this Spiritual Awakening Program is to provide a loving, supportive, nonjudgmental environment to nurture your spiritual growth.

During the eight weeks of the Spiritual Awakening Program, you will learn how to receive Inner Guidance more clearly and how to apply what you are learning in your daily life experience.

The program setting will help you uncover your own innate Wisdom in a nurturing environment of safety and trust. This environment makes it easy to release limiting concepts you no longer need.

With the loving support of a trained counselor in a one on one or group setting, you can let down your defenses, your shields, even your denials as you realize you are not alone. As you do this, you can allow yourself to experience the unconditional Love, joy and inner peace, which is your true Nature.

The topics of the 8 weekly sessions are:

  1. Accepting Abundance — Letting Spirit Be in Charge
  2. Opening to Inner Guidance — Strengthening Communication with Your Inner Guidance
  3. Going Gently — A Process for Achieving Greater Awareness
  4. Transforming Your Life — Changing Your Thoughts to Change Your World
  5. The Awakened Perspective — Releasing Judgment and Allowing Love to Shine Through
  6. Accelerating Your Growth — Seeing the Messages in Your Relationships
  7. Building Your House of Light — Making Every Moment an Empowering Experience
  8. Divine Play — Celebrating Love — Oneness

Fee for the entire 8 week program: $195.  Includes 8 week program workbook, meditation CD and laminated focus cards.

Full description and video at Pathways of Light.org

Email me at revcathysilva@gmail.com to schedule a conversation.

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