Soup Therapy

Soup Therapy Retreats

for Spiritual Awakening 


Rev. Cathy Silva a.k.a “The Soup Lady”

and Friends

These intimate bite size retreats are intended to help you access inner guidance, heal your mind & nourish your body and soul.

The Soup Therapy retreat experience is based on the Principals of Love and Forgiveness from  A Course in Miracles and other Inspired books, the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program and of course the Pure Love and JOY felt through enjoying a DELICIOUS BOWL OF SOUP and some homemade Sourdough Bread!!! 

Bring with you,

 Your Journal and Pen

Your Appetite

Your little willingness to awaken spiritually

An open mind and heart.

Free will donations are gratefully accepted to help with the cost of soup ingredients, supplies and to support me and my ministry work.

 MAKE A DONATION TO Rev. Cathy via Paypal:

Paypal email is

Or by using the DONATE tab at the top of this page.

(At this time donations are not tax deductible)

Thanks, Love and Hugs!!!   

Here’s the typical agenda for the retreat. 

~ We will gather  to enjoy some home made soup and sourdough bread.  

 ~  Then we will join in circle for learning and discussion based on the theme of the retreat

Themes include:

Enhancing and Healing Relationships

Finding Love beyond Forgiveness

True Self Discovery

Living in Love and True Purpose

Communication Skills and Attitudes

Feed your Soul with Love, Connection and Creative, Collaborative Energy!




Rev. Cathy

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