Let it ALL Go

“We finally reach a point where we give up all sense of future goals, of analyzing the past, of trying to change the world or make a better future. Those are all bad habits because they’re egoic habits. They are all attempts to change what is simply the past. In the end, we can’t change the past, we can only forgive it; we can only let it go.”

—David Hoffmeister, Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus I


I know this quote may ruffle some feathers.

The idea of ‘giving up a sense of future goals’ and ‘analyzing the past’ seems ‘crazy’ for some, I know.

The giving up future goals thing was fairly easy for me- I love to live in the moment and do what the Spirit leads me to. Though in the ‘past’ I held a belief  around ‘planning to fail if I fail to plan’.

The letting go of ‘analyzing the past and trying to change the world’, well that was a tough one. I hung on for dear life to events of the past, “how they molded me, and made me who I am today.”

And then there was the idea that I could change the world!   Oh man,  that was a heavy burden to bare!

Oh the freedom in seeing that it’s all egoic B.S.!


Truly Living and Loving Life happens in THIS MOMENT.

My attempts to analyze, and change the past to make a better future only kept me bound by the past, unable to fully and freely be who I truly am and do what I do.

When I truly forgive and let go of it all, knowing ultimately it’s all for GO(o)D, and allow myself to be guided by the Love that Holy Spirit has assured me I am I can ‘accomplish’ anything.


Try it! It’s fun! It’s only tough when you keep trying to hang on. Let it Go. It’s ok.

You are safe to FLY.



I love you! ~ Cathy ❤

If you are ready and willing to be free of what’s been stopping you from living life with Joy, Aligned with who you Really are,  I would love to hear from you!   



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