Welcoming you in…

Hello and welcome to your Pathway back to Love!

Would you like to experience more love, inner peace and joy in your relationships and life?

Through my life and work, and in my own quest for love and self discovery,  I came to realize we all share the same basic desire for Love, Peace Happiness, and a sense of Purpose; but there seems to be much happening in our world that can create blocks, cause conflict and prevent us from achieving what we really want. We are hearing a collective wake up call and searching for a better way to live and work together in harmony.

Life can be challenging I know!  – And there is a better way!

I know that it can be difficult to achieve the Inner Peace and Joy you desire.  I want you to know you are not alone.  We are experiencing a Great Awakening and we can only wake up together!

We are ONE and We are all moving forward together in living our true purpose.

  You can learn more about the services and programs I offer by choosing from the menu above.

I would be happy to hear from you. ~ In Love, Rev. Cathy

Email me at  revcathysilva@gmail.com to discuss program options.

Welcoming you in…

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