“Groundwork” is described as the basic preparatory tasks that form a foundation for something.

A series of steps were created with Spirit’s Guidance,  that have helped me live my life with Love and True Purpose.

Holygroundwork is the name given this process that has been the foundation for the work I’ve done personally and with clients since 2001.

Do you have a burning desire to have your life,  work and relationships be more happy, fun, and loving? 



Up until my early 30’s  I lived with fear, insecurity and struggle; concerned  with the outer things in life, like looking good, getting ahead, building a ‘big’ business,  pleasing others.   I was living what looked like the perfect and perfectly planned life – but it was never enough.   I had an undeniable longing in my heart to feel deeper love and do something meaningful with my life.  

I bought into the idea that I ‘should’ have a plan.   I thought I needed to be  more – more organized, disciplined, serious, businesslike…”successful”.   Even though my nature is to be a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kinda gal.       I have a natural tendency to go where Spirit moves me , even when it doesn’t make logical sense.

Though traditional planning  just goes against the grain for me, I do know the value of having some sort of framework  that guides me and helps me be aligned with who I Am and what I am here in this life to do.   Holygroundwork is that framework.

In my mid 30’s a major breakdown was the wake up call that made me realize I had no idea who I was beyond the roles I played in life, and who I was trying to be.   It was my wake up call. The longing for something more grew stronger….

I saw a vision for my life that was beautiful and inspiring….and scared the crap out of me!

Step by step I was guided back to the Love and Life I longed for.      I found the freedom to express that Love with all I am and all I do.

I am honored to walk with those who find themselves at a crossroads, looking for a new path.


I’d love to hear from you!





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