Knowing right from wrong…

Greetings Love!!!

I have been practicing releasing ALL judgement of Everything.  

That’s right! Judging NOTHING. It’s not easy but it’s something I’m became aware I had to do for my own wellness and sanity!!

This is the message that came through regarding our limited thinking about what what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

Here it is…I hope it’s helpful.

There is nothing inherently right or wrong with anything or anyone.  It’s your thoughts and ill judgements about yourself and your Brother (others) that make it seem that way.  You are certainly committed to your ideas about how you see the world!!

Something that feels right for you is not necessarily right for someone else..  Even if something that apparently feels right for someone else feels wrong for you, it’s still neither right or wrong for everyone.  That would be impossible!

Simply follow your own Inner Guidance as to what is most appropriate and helpful in any given situation.  When your Inner Guidance is the result of your choice for Love not fear you don’t need to worry about the rest.    Just go on enjoying your day!!

In Love. ~ Cathy



I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to be of help.

2 thoughts on “Knowing right from wrong…

  1. You are doing great Nadine! I’ve found it helpful when I’m in fear to be in gratitude for all that is as it is. Then do my best to return to that state of Love and gratitude again and again. This requires quieting my mind and releasing whatever fear thoughts come up. It’s amazing how much clearer the decisions come and how everything seems to work itself out with the help of my inner teacher and guide. Remember you are never alone in anything that is happening. Holy Spirit is always right there with you. 💛💛💛 I love you and am super excited for what is to come for you. 💜


  2. Love this.! I am always afaid of failure. I feel because i did a couple times. That i always have that possiblilty. I am postive in my mind many days because i have come so far. As well as i just bought a new car,so credit is getting there. But now my obsticle is having to find a new place to live..I have been SO BLESSED. For where i have lived here for 6 years.My knowing my rent will increased by at least 75% i am so scared. I know I can do it . I juat have to remember i CAN!! Thank you for all your words of I encouragement. They help so Much .Always Believe An love!!Nadine


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