Custom Wedding Ceremonies

As a Pathways of Light non-denominational licensed officiant and ordained minister, it is my joy and honor to work with you to plan and prepare for saying “I do!” 

Together we will plan a personalized ceremony, whether you are joining in a legally binding marriage, renewing your vows or celebrating your decision to commit yourselves in holy union.  I will work with you to add the elements that are most meaningful to you.

Your wedding can be extravagant or simple and always be an unforgettable experience.


“Your words to us were amazing….our ceremony was perfect!” – Bridget and Todd

A useful guide for planning a meaningful ceremony.

The ceremony planning questionnaire (downloadable here)

Pathways of Light has developed this questionnaire to help you identify the elements you want to include in your ceremony.

It is helpful for planning a wide variety of ceremonies, including weddings, memorial services, baptisms, retirement celebrations and more.

By answering the questions before you meet with me,  I will be more effective in working with you to prepare a ceremony that is meaningful and memorable. If you would like to symbolize something in the ceremony, but you aren’t sure how, I will help you.

These questions are a starting place.

Relationship Enhancement Counseling

Take your relationship to new heights!

To prepare for your new life, I also offer optional Relationship Enhancement Counseling, which will assist you not only in keeping your relationship healthy and alive, but will prove an opening for even greater heights of intimacy and connection.

♥ Learn how to create an atmosphere of total safety, joy, full disclosure and validation with each other.

♥ Learn safe ways to communicate what is troubling you that is productive and not hurtful to you or your partner.

♥ Discover new ways you can give compassionate attention to each other and express your needs without criticizing, belittling or blaming.

♥ Learn to develop a common vision –a shared intention.  See how this contributes to your sense of closeness and personal happiness.

Included with your Relationship Enhancement is a set of 2 CD’s to reinforce what you are learning plus a workbook with 12 keys to success that keep your relationship on a loving, joyful and nurturing level for years to come.

Learn new communication skills that build trust, empathy and unconditional love that will make your marriage the best it can be.

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