When I am experiencing a challenge and looking for Guidance I find it so helpful to go to Peace First.  Some would say ‘how’ do you do that?    

This from Pathways of Light Correspondence Courses( is a nice guide.

Peace prepares you to receive the wisdom of your true Self.


In all your thinking and doing in the world, there is nothing more important than peace.

If you notice that you are not feeling peaceful, you have the right to say:  “Stop the world, I want to get off.”

You never need to go on with tension leading the way.

You always can stop, no matter what is happening, and allow yourself to return to peace.

Peace transforms all thoughts and activities.  When the feeling of peace has returned, you put Inner Wisdom in charge instead of following ego’s direction.

The peace of your true Self creates miracles every day and every moment.

Continuing the tension and fear of the world is not helpful.  A willingness to lay it down is the only way out of pain and suffering and limitation of any kind.

Let peace be your guide.       Let peace come first.

An opening to peace leaves the door open to hear the guidance of your Higher Self.  Once that door is open, the knowing is clear, the direction is clear and the pathway is simple, unclouded by ego’s decoys which divert us from the truth.

Laying down tension and replacing it with peace is always a valid agenda.  It paves the way for hearing the Voice of Inner Wisdom again.

Nothing needs come before peace.     Nothing is more important than peace.

Peace prepares you to receive the wisdom of your real Self.

Peace is your greatest ally, the greatest gift in your life.

Peace paves the way for the true knowing of Spirit’s plan for you.

So let peace come first as a facilitator of your life, your awakening, your return Home.

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