A day spent with Mighty Companions

Hey there!   I just wanted to quickly share about this past weekend.

I had the Real Joy of meeting up with some beautiful Mighty Companions.

The Presence of Love was palpable.


There’s some great work in support of helping all in Living Life In Love and true Purpose happening all around us –

You just need to turn your attention away from the fearful stuff going on in the world- focus your mind on your desire to experience Love and be open to the opportunities that show up for you. 


With my Brother Joe Wolfe

Joe Wolfe’s,  story is of amazing transformation.  Joe is also a Pathways of Light Minister and founder of Spirit Light Outreach.

His journey includes time behind bars for being as he describes it a ‘very bad boy’.

To look at his face, share a hug and listen to the message he has for each of us who find ourselves imprisoned by a false identity gives you the Real Experience of being wrapped in the Love of God. What struck me the most was how comfortable I felt with him. 


Gary R Renard – I call him my brother Maineiac (because that’s where he lived when he wrote Disappearance of the Universe).  Gary is the perfect combination of funny, wise, and honest.   I can really relate to his irreverent approach to teaching true Spiritually.

Even my husband (the non ACIM student) throughly enjoyed his talk. 

Speaking of my husband.  I am so blessed with his love and support for my work even when he doesn’t really ‘get it’ (his words). He gets me and love’s to do stuff together (which is why he went) and that’s enough for me! He’s the one that took these great pictures.    Along the way he’s been one of my greatest teachers and the perfect partner- encouraging me to do what I do and be who I am!   



Lastly, meeting Robert and Mary the beloved teachers of God who founded Pathways of Light – A Course in Miracles – ACIM will be remembered as a high point in my life. Mary and I found such a fun connection with each other!  

I know it was ‘ordained’ for us to come together and for me to answer the Call to become a minister through Pathways of Light.

Have you noticed when you know somethings right you can feel it with every fiber of your being?     Well with every step since I began my ministerial training – this feels so Right.

I am so blessed with their love and support as my ministry unfolds. 


We were there in Ormond Beach, FL. for a Book Benefit to raise money help provide spiritual books to prisoners and the needy.

Please go to Joe’s site www.spiritlightoutreach.org to check out his ministry and inspiring books.   Even reading them is a transformational experience.   When I finished the last page of In Warm Blood I had tears streaming down my face, and I felt so much hope for us all!

The ultimate message here is

 “Teach love, for that is what you are.” ~ A Course in Miracles


With Love, Peace, Blessings and a BIG WARM HUG,

Rev. Cathy ❤


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Stay tuned for new developments – including the details about an opportunity to participate in the Pathways of Light 8  week Spiritual Awakening program I’m facilitating locally.

If you feel prompted to connect or have questions or concerns you’d like me to respond to shoot me an email to schedule a time.  – revcathysilva@gmail.com    I’m here to support you!



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