The Peace of God is Shining in me now.

From ACIM Workbook Lesson 188

Why wait for Heaven?  Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes.   The light is in them now. Enlightenment is not a change at all.

It’s comforting to know that when there appears to be conflict and chaos happening, I can go to that Peace within. It’s the sweet-spot where only Love exists. It’s like being on a boat in the middle of a storm and being able to throw an anchor in that stabilizes us. It’s the calm in the storm. We are all in the ‘same boat’ so to speak, living the same dream. Being rocked about and knocked around by all “those people” all “those thoughts”.

The beliefs that we are separate and against each other runs us.

It feels like we don’t have control..that others have power over us somehow.

But it’s not true – it’s a lie we bought into ‘hook, line and sinker”.

We are not separate…we are One.

– There’s another way.

It’s the way of Love.

It’s coming to Realize the Truth. “The Peace of God IS shining in me now.”

It’s here me…Ever-present. Patiently, Peacefully HERE for me to BE at Peace. I simply need to Be at Peace and that Peace extends to those on the boat with me.


Love.  Cathy

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