Quick Post to Share Some Positive Evidence

I’m off to my Yoga class shortly but wanted to share quickly some positive evidence or Grace as you will that showed up this morning.

I have been learning about and putting into practice the ‘Art of Tithing’.   Tithing is a practical action we can take to acknowledge and give thanks that God is our ultimate source of abundance.    It is a way to tap into the flow of abundance.

I have been reading two books at the suggestion of my coach.    The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines and Giving Thanks – The Art of Tithing by Paula Langguth Ryan.    Both books have been life changing for me.

I like to consider myself a pretty quick study so I immediately began setting aside 10% of all money that comes into our bank account for the purpose of tithing.    Last week I tithed a portion of it to the retreat center where I have received  much needed spiritual support.    There was still funds left in our ‘tithing account’  though that I had not yet tithed.   Yesterday I found myself getting caught up in some drama that was obviously coming from a perspective of lack.    It definitely felt like some sort of block.

My inner guidance showed me that it was time to tithe the rest.   In thinking about where to tithe I remembered the child we had signed up to ‘adopt’ through Compassion International before my husband was unemployed.      As it turns out we had an outstanding amount on our commitment.     I sent the amount to Compassion with gratitude for the opportunity to support this beautiful child along with an overdue letter to her.       I envision her happy and healthy and overjoyed with receiving my letter and sharing it with her best friend.

I have to admit that the thing I have been struggling with lately is Trust.   So this morning after receiving a surprise call from my husband instead of his quick text before he went into his office, I offered up my gratitude and  clearly stated

“I am open and expectant of even more grace and miracles today.   Give me clarity of focus and new inspiring ideas that are easy to follow through and implement and bring automatic results, for I know that things are happening automatically.  Thank you God.  I love you.   Cathy

A bit later as my Roomba diligently did it’s job vacuuming my floor (another thing I am grateful for ), I hopped online to my bank account to find that our Income tax refund had arrived in the bank account 4 days earlier than expected!

This money miracle so inspired me that I was prompted to share it with you.  My hope is that the immediate results I asked for will be that it will raise your own awareness of the abundance in your life and inspire you to give thanks, listen to the guidance and tap into the flow of Grace.

Now off to Yoga, and to experience the miracle moments God has in store for me today!

Love,   Cathy

Cathy Silva, The Innerwiz Coach is on a mission to instigate, empower and inspire the Divine Genius within you.   She is the creator of The Holy Groundwork Process and the founder of GeniusVille – Community of Genius!

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1 thought on “Quick Post to Share Some Positive Evidence

  1. God’s provision is amazing, isn’t it? I have seen it more and more in obvious places as we have brought more Compassion kids into our lives and as I started my blog to inspire sponsors and created paintings to send financial gifts.

    I think maybe it is true…. You can’t outgive God. 🙂


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