Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect to Connect – Creating a Sacred Space

One of the first things I suggest my new clients do is to create a Sacred Space for themselves.  This might be a room of your own or a special chair in the corner of your bedroom if you don’t have an extra room right now.

Your Sacred Space is wonderful source of solitude, and connection. 

In your Sacred Space you can be in the present moment and connect with your inner spirit, that place where Vision, Inspiration and Purpose come from.    Your sacred space can be anywhere.   A chair in my bedroom or a spot out on my patio are a couple of my favorite spots.    I’ve designed my office as a sacred space to do my life’s work.    Some inspiring and supportive elements of the space may be a prayer table with a candle at the center and a few items that represent you and your journey, a source of meditative  or inspiring music.  I especially enjoy a comfy chair with a throw to cozy up in.  Whether you are in your office or cozy-ed up in your favorite chair, the key is to create an environment that supports you being fully present.

When I have many different projects going on or there are too many distractions  that prevent me from being in the flow and fully engaged,  I go to my Sacred Space to be nourished and to connect.  You could think of your special place as an escape from reality, but the truth is that when you keep going back to your Sacred Space it’s like going back to the well.  Think of it as nourishment for your mind, body and spirit – food for the journey.

You will find that when you honor yourself enough to give yourself this gift, you will be a more joyful and effective parent, business owner and all around the best version of you!

Other ways of disconnecting to connect is to turn off your cell phone and other electronics that keep you readily available to others.  Make a new habit of only checking your email once or twice a day instead of every five minutes.   (This is an ongoing challenge for me by the way )   Stop and think about how we managed our lives and businesses before we had phones, emails and Blackberry’s.  They are a convenience and in a way they keep us constantly connected to others, but often disconnected from Spirit and our true purpose.

And how can you be fully present with a person you are speaking with or a project you are working on when you are being interrupted by phone calls and email messages?  It’s gotten to the point where technology is running us instead of us running it.

Coaching Questions:

Do you have a Sacred Space you can go to when it’s time to re-fill your cup or be fully focused on the task at hand?

If not what is getting in the way of you giving  yourself this gift?

If you do have a sacred space please share what it’s like, and how it supports you being your best!

How can I support you?  (Please Comment)

I wish you Love and True Success,


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