My Birthday Wish…

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Thursday, May 19, 2011
I am immersed in abundant life.

Believing that my prosperity is measured only by the money in my bank account may leave me feeling vulnerable and concerned about scarcity and lack. But prosperity is not the possession of things, rather a recognition of divine supply.

There is no scarcity of air to breathe, no scarcity of love to share, no scarcity of divine ideas, substance or supply. When I recognize this and open my consciousness to it, I see divine substance everywhere. I affirm it not only for myself, but for everyone.

Realizing the boundlessness of my spiritual inheritance, I see that nothing is lacking in my world. I recognize and appreciate my abundant blessings. Prosperity is mine.

And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love for one another and for all, just as we abound in love for you.–1 Thessalonians 3:12
Happy Birthday to Me!
I’m writing this post from the condo on the beach.    If you’ve been on my facebook you’ve seen some pictures I’ve posted of the beautiful sunrises I’ve enjoyed while here.
Lest you think that I am working on my birthday,  in a bit I will head down to the beach and later my husband and I are going back to the great Sushi place we found along the boardwalk for an intimate  birthday dinner.
This morning I wasn’t really in a good space for it being my birthday.    Despite being in this beautiful place I was feeling alone and really wanting something different then the day that seemed to be unfolding for my birthday.     So I went to my journaling which is my morning conversation with God that usually is mostly me talking and him listening; and  I made my birthday wish.
I wished that the floodgates of abundance open and that all forms of abundance show up in my life and be so tangible that  no one can deny it.   I especially wish for a shift to occur in me and everyone in my life.   A shift from the nagging feeling of lack, fear and desperation to a knowing that in this lifetime we get to experience everything our heart desires.
I asked God to show me what I am to do to  make this shift  and ended our conversation with “I trust you to guide me and to provide all that I  need and desire.”
Then when I opened my email the above message was there for me.     It seemed very clear that what I need to do to assist in us making the shift was to simply make a shift in my perception and to share this message and my chat with God.
We can look around us at any moment and see abundance in all forms.    But if we are only focusing on what we don’t have or spending our energy being angry about things not going our way and what we don’t appear to have; then we miss out on experiencing the many blessings that God showers on us everyday.
I know this first hand because I have thrown a pretty big temper tantrum and complained that  my husband had to go back to a job that takes him away from home during the week.    For six months he was home full time, and although he was unemployed it was such an amazing blessing for us.   He got to see all of our son’s soccer games, made a trip to Maine to help our daughter move back home, got lots of projects around the house done which he loves to do.   We had family dinners together and time for he and I to reconnect and get to know each other again.    I even finally had time and energy free up for me to focus on growing my business and we began a new business venture together.
All the while,  he was on the job search and wouldn’t you know the only viable positions that showed up took us back to our old life of him being gone during the week.      So here we are again and boy did I do some complaining about it!
But than the blessings began to show up and more importantly we are beginning to acknowledge and receive them.     Me being here in a place that nourishes my spirit and supports my work so beautifully is one example of  this.
My ‘Aunt’ very generously offered her condo right on the beach  for Rich to stay in while he is working.     It’s turned out to be a great getaway for me as well.     I have gotten so much writing and business design done.   (Look for the I Am, Inc. e-book to be available soon!)   And for my breaks and self care I walk across the drive to the beach for a walk or to sit and read.    Most mornings I have gotten my walk in along the boardwalk that goes right along the ocean.
So the very situation that I was complaining so much about has been the means to receiving this amazing gift.     What multiplies this blessing is that my ‘Aunt’ feels that it is a blessing to her to have us stay here and take care of the place so it’s not empty while she is up north!
My husband going back to his geographical bachelor status  wasn’t our idea of the perfect situation but it is perfectly serving us in many ways!
So if you are finding yourself complaining about the circumstances in your life and wishing to make the shift, then I suggest you take some time to notice the blessings that are right there in front of you.
There is a universal law that says in essence what you focus on expands.   So expect those flood gates to open and enjoy the ride!
Now I’m off to the beach to breath in the abundance. 
Love and Blessings,
P.S.   I think it’s important to note that if you are finding yourself in a not so nice, place to go ahead and allow the space for you to feel what ever you are feeling.   It was in this space that the miracle began to unfold and reveal itself to me this morning.
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2 thoughts on “My Birthday Wish…

  1. Amazing how miracles ‘just happen’ when we open to grace as you so beautifully put it. So happy for you and for the world because when each of us opens to grace the whole world transforms in some way. Love you! Cathy


  2. Great post Cathy! I love the reminder to notice the miracles. I was also in a “low energy” place yesterday, but opened to grace and had a major miracle happen today! Amen.. thank you. Hope you had a great Sushi dinner.
    Grateful to be on this path with you.


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