Creating your VIP (Vision, Inspiration and Purpose) Visual


VIP = Vision + Inspiration + Purpose

There is an invisible energy that comes from within that naturally pulls you forward and guides you. Your VIP will come from this energy.  This step in your Holy Groundwork TM process is to get crystal clear about your vision, inspiration and purpose.  Your VIP differs from a ‘goal.’  “Setting a Goal” creates resistance, especially if it’s not the right goal for you.  Once you are clear on your VIP, the goals that are the right fit for you will be easier to set and reach.  For now though, leave the details to the movements, prompting, and guidance of the divine.

So how do you do that?  I’m sure that you’ve been to seminars, planning workshops and read books where they tell you when you write out your life vision or plan be really detailed.  You know, describe the car you will drive, what make, model, and year and color is it etc.  Same thing goes with your desires such as where is your ideal house located?  Is there a white picket fence in the front, a golden retriever playing in the front yard?  When I tried to be this detailed setting my VIP, it just frustrated me, and I found that my vision was not really mine, but a conglomeration of what I thought I should want and what other people wanted.  What if it turned out different then what I thought it should be and it was just as good or better?  So my advice is to be detailed about the aspects of who you are and what you desire from your inner most being, and not so much about the outer material things like the color of your car, etc.  Those details will come later.  Let it be your own and not be so strictly planned that you prevent the Spirit from working Its magic.  Once your vision is complete, be open to the possibility that the reality can be exactly as you envision or something better.  Your vision isn’t only about the details of what you want – it is about the intimate details of who you are and what’s in your heart.  That’s why I call it your Vision – Inspiration – Purpose (VIP).  Your VIP is what will guide your spirit as you discern the direction you will go and the goals that are perfect for you.

This is a working document and because it comes from spirit through the uniqueness of you, what you create will look different from someone else’s VIP Visual.   The beauty of this exercise is that you can experiment with different mediums and see what you like best.  Some of your options might be to paint or draw a picture free hand, write down words that speak to you, or make a collage of images from magazines or clip art.  If you are a ‘techie,’ you might even want to create your VIP Visual on your computer using computer graphics, photos and text art.

Once you have gathered all your materials, find a space in your home or outside where you feel inspired.  Sit quietly for a moment and allow yourself to be completely present and aware of the Spirit moving within you.  Become aware of your deepest desire for your life.  What do you dream about?  What have you always wanted to be, do, or have, but never thought you had the courage, resources, opportunity or time?  Project forward and imagine having, doing and being all that you dream of.  What are you feeling?  Jot down words and phrases in your journal or sketch out how this looks for you on your sketch pad.

Some other details you might want to integrate:

Your Core Values

I use a program called Tru Values developed by Thomas Leonard, the late founder of Coach U ( with my clients.  Tru Values is a 3 phase, 25 step process which helps you identify the behavior and activities to which you are naturally drawn. Once we complete this exercise we then work together to honor your values and reorient your whole life around them.

When you enroll in any of my coaching programs, you receive access to the full program.  For the purpose of creating your VIP visual though, here is a list of some of the values.  Narrow down your list to the top 4 or 5 that you resonate most with.

Adventure                             Empower                               Inspire

Vitality                                   Equality                                 Integrity

Authenticity                          Esteem                                   Tranquility

Autonomy                             Excellence                             Quality

Challenge                              Excitement                            Recognition

Collaboration                        Fame                                      Self-expression

Contribute                             Growth/learning                   Spirituality

Courage                                 Harmony                               Support

Creativity                              Health/wellness                   Trust

Daring                                    Honesty/truth                       Wealth

Directness                              Humor/joy/fun                     Ecology

Educate                                  Innovation

Your Core Genius – the Brilliance of You

You are naturally gifted in ways that you are already aware of and ways that may not be clear yet.     Embedded in the Holy Groundwork process is some deep work on discerning your particular gifts.  There are a few inventories and tools I have found to be helpful in discovering your unique gifts which I will touch upon later.  For the purpose of your VIP Visual, it might be helpful for you to define a true gift as something you do as naturally as breathing that energizes you when you are doing it AND it serves others.    Keep in mind that a Sacred Gift  is different than a learned skill or talent.  You can become good at something through practice or learning (a talent or skill).   If you want to explore what your particular Sacred Gifts are you can schedule a coaching consultation with me at

More Inquiry

Some additional questions to answer for your VIP visual:

What gives me energy?

What motivates me?

What brings me Joy?

In two or three words what is my mission/purpose?

Now allow yourself to hear the trusted messages that have guided you along your life’s journey thus far.  When you look back at your life experiences, what is the recurring theme?  At this time in your life what are you committed to?  When you have finished with this visualization, take a deep breath and simply say, “Thank you.”  Then go to your creative space, turn on some music if you like, and begin to gather the images, words and pictures that express your vision.  Arrange them in whatever way you are moved to.  Be completely present and have fun with it!

The image above is from  a company I found online where you can create your digital vision board.    The process I have described here, like all the steps in the Holy Groundwork Process  is foundational to creating a Vision Board that is truly authentic and in alignment with your true purpose and passion.

Check out the demo and FAQ’s to get the full understanding of how Catalog of Dreams works.  A simple ordering process lets you start creating your Vision Board immediately.

The purpose of The Holy Groundwork Process is to empower you to Bring Balance to Your Life and Your Brilliance to the World.   If you are feeling a nudge to work with me as your coach request a complimentary consultation at

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  1. Thank you Souzapalooza! I love seeing other’s vision boards. Each one is like a work of art as unique as the artist that created it.


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