Are you aware of the Divine within you?

Postcard collection: I am with you
Image by racineur via Flickr

This is a message that came through my journaling.  I Am confident it is from God and was meant to be shared with you.

Are you aware of the Divine within you?

Do you know of the Love we share?

Are you aware of the Light within you?

Or is it hiding in the shadows of your fears?

Do you know that I AM with you – with every step and every breath?

When you look through the patterns of your life, do you see me in every thread?

Do you know you have a mission that only YOU can do?

And  I created you with ALL you need,

even the smallest seed,

To do what you are here to do, and Love as I Love You.

If you have grown, shifted your perspective, been inspired or  experienced the Divine within you and your life  through my  work or connecting with me, and are called to offer a tithe for the spiritual support you receive  visit

All tithes in any form are received with a Grateful Heart.

Much Love and Many Blessings,


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