Tapping into Divine Genius

Tapping into Divine Genius ~

“Within you there lies a well of gifts, talents and strengths that are perfectly suited to the work you are  being called to right now.” ~ Cathy Silva, The Innerwiz Coach

In this moment you might be experiencing what has been called ‘divine discontent’.   It’s a longing for something more in life.   You might not be able to put your finger on just what that something more is but you can’t deny that your life is just not as you would love it to be.   Maybe to the naked eye your life looks pretty ‘perfect’.   Maybe you keep telling yourself ‘it could be worse.’   You look at others’ tragic circumstances and think “I don’t have it so bad.  At least I have…   So then you commence to beat yourself up for being so ‘selfish’.   “How can I possibly want more in life when others seem to have so little?   I might even need to give up more so that they can have more, so I can help them by giving up – so I can help others.”

It’s an endless cycle this way of thinking really.   And it’s riddled with the myth that everything is limited.   Our money, time, energy, gifts, abilities etc.  The truth is we are unlimited.   Jesus said and scripture, “you will do all of these things and more” and “The kingdom of God is within you.”

If we accept these two messages as truth, then we will truly be set free from the confinement our life has become.   The truth is that we are unlimited.   I am aware though that you must first believe this truth.   Not just casually accept ok I guess that may be true for some miracle workers and special people like Jesus.   But a knowing with every fiber of your being that you- yes you- have limitless potential.   You have within you every aspect of Divine Genius to assist you in living the life you love.

I am also aware that we as humans are a doubtful lot.   We need proof before we can buy into such a grandiose idea.  We need positive evidence.   Which is why I do this work and why you were lead here?   The desire in your heart is a prayer to the universe that has been heard and now just the right people and opportunities are showing up for you.

You are responsible for what you will do with what comes to you though.  I like to think of our responsibility as our ability to respond.   At any moment we have the ability to respond to our life in a way that serves our growth or not.   The catch is we also have a choice.   We choose whether to accept the responsibility for ourselves and our life- or not.   When we do – when we respond to those opportunities we have been divinely guided to, miracles happen.   I guess we could say then that each of us has the potential to be a miracle worker.

So are you ready to experience miracles in your own life?   Are you ready to be free to express and connect with your Divine Genius?   That Divine Genius is within you and each and every one of us.

Need some support and guidance on the journey?    Go to www.theinnerwizcoach.com and explore your options.

2 thoughts on “Tapping into Divine Genius

  1. You’re welcome Julie. I love your energy! I stopped by your blog and you appear to be in a very exciting place in your life. Thank you for sharing the wisdom gained on the journey.


  2. Thanks for the possitive affirmation Cathy!


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