A reminder to go with the flow when riding out the storm.

English: Windblown trees You'll never guess wh...
English: Windblown trees You’ll never guess which way the wind blows round here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sharing today’s Beyond Mindset Village message from my dear friend Christine Kloser.   Here’s hoping you find a way to ‘go with the flow’ today- especially if you are riding out the storm where you are.

Sending love your way.

Be well and at peace.




“If you’ve been blessed to watch a tree sway
in a rigorous storm, it’s simply astonishing
to see how far it can bend. How about you? When
the wind starts to blow in your life, are you
quick to flow with it and experience the dance
fully? Or do you fight the wind and get slammed
in the process. This is your reminder to bend!

NOTE: This reminder is related to the arrival
of Hurricane Sandy in our town later today. I
share this with you as a reminder for myself – as
well – to bend and flow with whatever unfolds in
the storm.

Love and blessings,

Christine Kloser
Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author
Transformational Book Coach

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