Penny for your thoughts about wealthy people

Obverse side of a 1990 issued US Penny. Pictur...
Obverse side of a 1990 issued US Penny. Picture was created as a linear macro panoramic image, composed from 16 photos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you see wealthy people?

Do you make assumptions about how they think, place judgement about how they made their money?  Do you compare yourself to them and judge yourself as not being wealthy?

This story is one you may have read or heard before.    Even if you’ve heard it though, read it now with an ear and a sense for your own perspective on money and wealth.

“You always hear the usual stories of pennies on the sidewalk being good luck, gifts from angels, etc. This is a different twist on the story. Gives you something to think about…..

Several years ago, a friend of mine and her husband were invited to spend the weekend at the husband’s employer’s home. My friend, Arlene, was nervous about the weekend. The boss was very wealthy, with a fine home on the waterway, and cars costing more than her house.

The first day and evening went well, and Arlene was delighted to have this rare glimpse into how the very wealthy live. The husband’s employer was quite generous as a host, and took them to the finest restaurants. Arlene knew she would never have the opportunity to indulge in this kind of extravagance again, so was enjoying herself immensely.

As the three of them were about to enter an exclusive restaurant that evening, the boss was walking slightly ahead of Arlene and her husband.. He stopped suddenly, looking down on the pavement for a long, silent moment.

Arlene wondered if she was supposed to pass him. There was nothing on the ground except a single darkened penny that someone had dropped, and a few cigarette butts. Still silent, the man reached down and picked up the penny. He held it up and smiled, then put it in his pocket as if he had found a great treasure. How absurd! What need did this man have for a single penny? Why would he even take the time to stop and pick it up?

Throughout dinner, the entire scene nagged at her. Finally, she could stand it no longer. She casually mention ed that her daughter once had a coin collection, and asked if the penny he had found had been of some value. A smile crept across the man’s face as he reached into his pocket for the penny and held it out for her to see.. She had seen many pennies before! What was the point of this? ‘Look at it,’ he said. ‘Read what it says.’ She read the words ‘ United States of America ..’ ‘No, not that; read further.’ ‘One cent?’ ‘No, keep reading.’ ‘In God we Trust?’ ‘Yes!’ ‘And… ?’

He explained, ‘And if I trust in God, the name of God is holy, even on a coin. Whenever I find a coin I see that inscription. It is written on every single United States coin, but we never seem to notice it! God drops a message right in front of me telling me to trust Him. Who am I to pass it by? When I see a coin, I pray, I stop to see if my trust IS in God at that moment. I pick the coin up as my response to God; that I do trust in Him. For a short time, at least, I cherish it as if it were gold. I think it is God’s way of starting a conversation with me. Lucky for me, God is patient and pennies are plentiful! ‘

When I was out shopping today, I found a penny on the sidewalk. I stopped and picked it up, and realized that I had been worrying and fretting in my mind about things I cannot change. I read the words, ‘In God We Trust,’ and had to laugh. Yes, God, I get the message.

It seems that I have been finding an inordinate number of pennies in the last few months, but then, pennies are plentiful! And, God is patient…”

How, how do you feel about that?

Did it bring up some stuff for you?   Perhaps it shed some light on something that may be blocking you from experiencing abundance.

I believe a mistake I and many of us make sometimes is to judge and place attachment on the form that wealth takes.    I know the Truth(with a capital T) is that we all have wealth in some form.   Our judgement on how it should show up though keeps us from seeing where it is.

You have everything you need when you need it.

I remember being on a call with David Neagle one day and he read to us from one of his many books of wisdom.  (Clearly a form of wealth for him)   What he read helped me make a profound shift.  He said    “You have everything you need when you need it” .

  Somehow deep inside, I knew that to be Truth (again with a capital T).   But how often do I forget.   When I’m focused on the lack and what’s missing and when I am expecting the thing I need in a certain form – it blinds me to where it is.    And stops me from experiencing it.

To me this story says that the rich boss’s wealth is not necessarily only in the balance of his bank accounts or even the material things he has to enjoy.    It’s in the awareness that there’s more where that came from…because the source is never ending and God continues to bless us abundantly.

Consider this…

We are ALL very wealthy people.

Enjoy the Love and Blessings,


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Cathy Silva, The Innerwiz Coach is a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Gifts Guide, Transformational Author and Speaker.  She is also the founder and visionary of Geniusville – a community of brilliant people who have made the decision to live an extraordinary life.
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