Moving from Stressed to True Balance and Success

The process that came to me from Spirit and I teach is call The Holy Groundwork Process – 7 Steps that will gracefully move you from stressed out to true balance and success in all areas of  your life.

Cathy Silva, The Innerwiz Coach

“Holy Groundwork”-  It may sound religious but it has nothing to do with religion really unless you want to apply it to yours.    It’s about life- everyday extra ‘ordinary’ life  – and having the kind of life you can be grateful for and want to jump out of bed every morning for.    This process came to me one day “out of the blue”, as things do whenever I slow down enough to sit and listen.    It became clear that the steps in the process where the very steps I took to bring me successfully through a personal breakdown in my thirties (stemmed mainly from losing myself in my marriage and my kids), then a hurricane that left my family homeless,  the rebuilding of our home and family, and other major life events and changes that the ‘experts’ say are stress factors.

I explain it as a clear process for bringing a sense of inner balance and your most authentic, brilliant self to your life and work- because that’s what it’s done for me.

Beginning my own blog has been a long time coming.    I’ve gone through so much that’s it’s been tough to articulate it, except for during calls with my coaching group or girlfriends which is very much ramblings I think.     Somehow I had the sense though that there was value to others as I share  my experiences and the miracles (I call them miracles) that have come out of those experiences.    I know for sure that my experiences have enriched my life and better equipped me to do the work I’m being called to do.   So now I’m ready to ‘put myself out there’ in hopes that it will serve.  More than ‘hope’, it’s ‘trust’ – because with all I’ve experienced in my life so far I have come to know that EVERYTHING SERVES in some way, no matter how it might look to the contrary at first glance.

So if you are ready to draw a line in the sand and know it’s your time to live a more prosperous, passionate, and authentic life then you’ve already taken your first step!      I am here to walk with you.   I am happy and grateful to  have you join me in the adventure.

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