Discover Your Gifts


I believe we share a common desire to feel more Love and Be Who We Really Are. I am   especially inspired by the idea of the REMEMBERING our True Nature which is Love. As The Course in Miracles asks: What is a miracle but this remembering? And who is there in whom this memory lies not? ~ Cathy Silva

You have Gifts working through you for the benefit of others…we all do.    The problem is we try to force ourselves to do things that are not in alignment with our particular gifts.   Then we feel drained, discontent, unfulfilled.

The other problem is that these Gifts are often hidden and go on unexpressed– which breaks my heart really.    For much of my life I’ve had the ability to see what’s truly brilliant about others, even when they can’t see it themselves.  I have often even told them what I see.   But often what happens is they dont’ believe it.   They think I’m just blowing smoke I guess.   So I prayed for a way to help my clients and others discover these Gifts for themselves.    A way for them to have a visceral experience of them.    And that’s when my good friend Monique MacDonald and her Discover Your Sacred Gifts program came into my life.    I quickly learned more and became certified as soon as was possible so that I could offer this life changing work to those I am called to serve.

Want to see for yourself just what those Gifts are?… It’s my most joyful work to help you discover them.

LOVE.   cathy