Paul Smith’s Sacred Gift of Craftsmanship is expressed through his Typewriter Art.

Because Paul Smith was born with Cerebral Palsy he is described as having ‘severe disabilities’.    What Paul shows us is that no matter what human condition we apear to have, there are extraordinary abilities wanting to be expressed through us.

In the True Self Discovery work I do with my clients and breakthrough participants we call them Sacred Gifts.   Paul brilliantly demonstrates a Craftsmanship Gift.

Paul demonstrates a well developed fully expressed gift for creating art with a typewriter.   I especially love Paul’s response to someone who says “I could never do that”.    He says to them “what Can you do?”.   Right on Paul!   Every one of us has Sacred Gifts working within us and through us- No Matter What your human condition or supposed weakness or ‘dsability’.

I hope this inspires YOU to be more aware of and express yours.

If it does let’s have a conversation about working together.