A crash course in ‘knowing thyself’

Cover of "A Course in Miracles: Combined ...

Cover of A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

A Course in Miracles is a curriculum I was inexplicably drawn to, once I delved in I knew why.    My passion was to first Discover my own True Self, then it grew into a passion to help you discover yours.

If your goal is to know your True Self  A Course in Miracles may be the curriculum for you.

I consider the Discover Your Sacred Gifts program created by my friend Monique MacDonald, a crash course in ‘knowing thyself’.   When I considered taking the program for myself and then becoming a Certified Guide of the process the answer was an instant and definite YES!

Allow this message from Gifts from A Course in Miracles to settle in and allow your inner guide to speak to you.   At the bottom of the message is a question for you to ask your inner self.

The Nature of the Course

This course was sent to open up the path of light to us,

and teach us, step by step, how to return to the eternal Self

we thought we lost.

The goal of the curriculum,

regardless of the teacher you choose,

is “Know thyself.”

This is a course in mind training.

To learn this course requires willingness

to question every value that you hold.

The course does not aim at teaching

the meaning of love,

for that is beyond what can be taught.

It does aim, however, at removing the blocks

to the awareness of love’s presence,

which is your natural inheritance.

Your goal is to find out who you are.

Now…Here’s the question:  Is it the right time for me to discover my Sacred Gifts and begin putting them to work in my life NOW?      If your answer is YES then go HERE for more details about my Sacred Gift Private Coaching Intensive.

Be true to You!

Love and Blessings,CertifiedLogo2