“There are signs everywhere”

This morning I awoke early with Dad on my heart.   You see one year ago today after a long battle with an illness that was his longtime companion, my dad, Jeffrey Johnson  passed from this life.     Dad was a powerful presence in this life.  My journey with him was not always easy but it certainly was ‘fruitful’.   The gifts and life lessons I learned along the way stay with me as I go on with my own life and especially influence my life’s work.     Thank you Dad.   My heart is filled with gratitude and love for having learned so much.   You helped make me who I am today and also helped prepare and equip me to do the work that I am called to do.

“There are Signs Every Where”

This line from the movie Fools Rush In, really hit home for me.   “If you are lost there are signs everywhere to help you find your way.”

Many times  there are signs that confirm a feeling for us.   One such sign showed up a year ago, on the morning of my Dad’s passing.   I had come home from St. Pete where Dad was in the hospital so that I could be home to celebrate my husband Rich’s birthday.     We all had been on the roller coaster ride for months with Dad rallying and then having a setback and then rallying again.    That night as Rich and I talked about the plans we had made to meet his sister and brother-in-law, I was torn.     Somehow I knew I was to be with Dad when he passed and I had a feeling that it would be the next day.    The next morning I called Mom to let her know I needed to be there with them and Rich was going to drop me off.     I can’t say that I was certain about this feeling when we left our house to head to St. Pete but the literal sign I saw as we drove out of our neighborhood helped to confirm my feeling.

Here it is…

When I saw this sign it was a gentle assurance that my Dad would pass peacefully and be welcomed home by all those who had gone before him.

There are indeed signs everywhere.   Signs that answer questions we have, or clarify something we are confused about.   Signs that we are not alone.  Signs of God’s love and signs that show us the way.  They show up daily if you need them that often.   Sometimes we ignore the signs or pass them off as ‘coincidence’.  And sometimes we don’t see them at all because we are blinded by our pain and false perceptions.    They are God’s way of communicating.   A way to confirm that inner voice that is sending you the messages you need to here.     So be alert.   Listen and look for them.

Coaching Call to Action:

When we are caught up in the busyness of life it is most difficult to ‘read the signs’.    I understand first hand what it’s like to have a lot going on.   It’s ok, you are not alone.   Know though that in this moment there is nothing you have to do.     In this moment, breathe and just be.   Let go of distractions and to do’s just for now.   Focus in- to your source.   God within has the answers to the questions you are asking.   Your every need and every desire is fulfilled.    In this sacred space ask, request and then open your eyes and your heart to the signs that show up for you.

Love and Blessings,